Every year, over 300,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK, facing tough questions, exhausting treatment and difficult emotions. These challenges affect not only those with cancer, but their family and friends, too.


The first Maggie’s Centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996 and since then Maggie’s has continued to grow, with 24 Centres at major NHS cancer hospitals in the UK and 3 abroad. Maggie’s programme of support has been shown to strengthen the physical and emotional wellbeing of people with cancer and their families and friends.


Maggie's Oxford is a purpose-built Centre in the grounds of the Churchill Hospital in Headington and is a warm and welcoming place where anyone affected by cancer can access friendly and professional support on a drop-in basis, completely free of charge. It is a place to find practical advice about benefits and eating well; a place where qualified experts provide emotional support; a place to meet other people or simply to sit quietly with a cup of tea. WalkWithMe's team member Clare Foster is a member of the Fundraising Board at Maggie's Oxford which is a great link with the charity.


Maggie’s is needed now, more than ever


Throughout the pandemic, Maggie’s have continued to provide much needed support for people with cancer and their loved ones. Claire Marriott, Centre Head and Clinical Psychologist says “every day we hear from people who have experienced undeniable trauma, stress and fear because of the impact coronavirus has had on their treatment, quality of life and emotional and psychological wellbeing. Here at Maggie’s we will continue to provide the best possible care and support to people with cancer”.


Why Maggie’s needs your help


Social distancing measures meant that Maggie’s planned programme of community and events fundraising was dramatically reduced in 2020 and 2021. With your help, Maggie’s can continue to be there when people need them the most.

“We're absolutely thrilled to have been chosen by the WalkWithMe team, and are looking forward to seeing people take on this incredible challenge for Maggie's Oxford. Our centre is funded entirely by voluntary donations; we don't receive any government or NHS funding so we really do rely on the support of events like these to keep our Centre going. Thank you to everyone involved for helping us to help more people affected by cancer."

Claire Marriott,

Centre Head at Maggie's Oxford

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‘I Can & I Am’ is a charity with a passion to inspire confidence and to ‘inflate balloons of self belief’. The charity was founded by the inspirational educational speaker James Shone who visits hundreds of schools and businesses every year speaking to educators, parents, pupils and employees.  


His presentations lead with the truly inspiring story of the dramatic change in direction of James’s life when he lost most of his sight following a brain tumour and how this has helped shape his philosophy on how best to respond to serious set backs, anxiety and general lack of self esteem. 

James is a man who embodies a positive attitude to life and a determination to turn setbacks into springboards. He was a teacher for many years and this was at the heart of his pastoral message, but since losing his sight his aim is now to tackle the issue that so many young people leave school with a developed sense of “I can’t” and “I am no good.” His relevant, challenging and amusing presentations take a look at life in education today with advice on how to best navigate the challenges that might be faced. 

James now heads up the charity "I Can & I Am" which raises valuable funds to enable these vital messages to be spread to as many school children, staff and parents as possible across the UK and beyond.


Through a combination of presentations, one to one mentoring programmes and teaching resources, thousands of young people and adults are benefitting. Put simply, the heart of the charity is to inspire confidence in every individual to enable them to know who they are and what they are able to do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

“What an absolute pleasure to have been selected by WalkWithMe for this wonderful fund raiser. As well as a great opportunity for our team and supporters to take part in such a worthwhile event it also provides a very welcome fund raising opportunity for us. Funds raised will be used to help spread our messages further.

James Shone

Founder, I Can and I Am

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